Romantic Things to Do in Norway

The country’s spectacular fjords, beautiful architecture and historic accommodations make Norwegian one of the world’s most affectionate destinations for lovers. It also offers a balance of attractions that charm to all likes and interests.

Geirangerfjord, Norway’s the majority of iconic fjord, has earned an area on the UNESCO list of Globe Heritage Sites. A 10-mile stretch of cerulean blue water cuts through large and towering mountains, framed by simply verdant wall space that are draped with delicate waterfalls.

A day put in sailing through this fjord on a small boat is certainly guaranteed to be a spotlight of any holiday in Norway. With perfect seas reflecting the steep cliffs and clouds superior above, a fresh place where one can escape the hustle and bustle of lifestyle and take in the scenery at your have pace.

Hiking in Norway is a perfect way to get close to nature and find out the lovely scenery that lies beneath your legs. Two of the country’s most well-known hikes are Pulpit Ordinary, located out of doors Stavanger, and Trolltunga, near Bergen. Both are 8-hour return journeys, with a pay back of breathtaking sights over Lysefjord and Ringedalsvatne Lake below.

Tromso, Norway’s northernmost city, is a great choice for those who prefer to find the Northern Equipment and lighting. This Arctic town sits at 69deg north, and so you’re in the ideal location to find the aurora borealis in the wintertime.

Svalbard, Norway’s remote control archipelago, is yet another must-visit with your romantic visit to Scandinavia. This icy and ethereal surroundings is home to iceberg, wildlife, and mighty extremely bears.

Romantic Things to Do in Norway
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